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A Step-by-Step Guide by University Toppers to Select Your Dissertation Topic

While experiencing your academic life, have you ever stumbled upon something? If yes, that something must be a dissertation topic. Every student must know that university life is an entirely different world compared to high school. Many hidden things wait for students at university. The ones who don’t get stumbled upon those concealed things become the toppers. Today’s article will introduce you to the tips and tricks provided by the University of London’s (UOL) topper. He successfully graduated from the UK’s competitive university with an A grade in his dissertation. Thus, we asked him how he got an A in the most challenging part of university life. His step-by-step guide will be the centre of our discussion today based on his response. Before we jump into the main topic, let’s discuss the importance of having a dissertation topic .   Importance of Dissertation Topic To write a dissertation is arguably the most challenging task in a student’s life. Yet, it plays an essential role in h