A List For Coffee Lovers On Health Benefits Associated With Coffee

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A coffee lover never stops to think about the pros and cons before drinking it. The pros and cons of coffee have been a matter of debate for centuries. But our relationship with coffee is as old as one can expect. About 34% of general population started taking coffee before turning 17. Likewise, almost 70% of general population started taking it after the age of 25 years. Also, people between ages 18-29 consume two, or more cups on average than people of any other age group. Among many reasons, it includes the burden of studies that need continuous activeness. This is the most prominent reason for its popularity among students.

Interesting Statistics About Coffee

1. About 64% of Americans can’t start their day without having coffee.
2. On average, an American takes 3.1 cups of coffee each day.
3. As a whole, the US nation drinks 400 million cups of coffee each day.
4. The coffee drinking trend is more popular among people with high sources of income.
5. This trend of having coffee to relax the body is more common among women.
6. People who can’t sleep 8 hours a day mostly go for coffee.

Just like the list of coffee lovers, the list of coffee haters is also very long. Whether you like, or dislike coffee, it depends on your personal preferences. Some people like its bitterness, but some people dislike its smell. The individual choice of having a coffee varies from person to person. But if you like coffee, this article will give you more reasons to pursue it. The consideration of health benefits will help you in this.

Health Concerns About Coffee

For the last two decades, coffee has been the most studied dietary supplement. But don’t worry. Researchers identified that coffee has multiple health benefits.

Coffee And A Longer Lifespan

Yes, this is true. If you take 2 to 3 cups of coffee in a day, there are brighter chances that you will live longer. This is in comparison with someone who doesn’t drink it. In 2015, scientists reported that the death risk is 8 to 15 % less in coffee consumers. This possibility might be due to the following facts.

  • Coffee is a limiting factor for cardiovascular diseases.
  • Several studies showed that coffee consumption reduces the risk of type 2- diabetes.
  • The CEO of cheap dissertation writing service firm said, mental health association announced that phytochemicals of coffee have potential to reduce depression. Hence by consuming coffee, you can reduce many mental health problems. Coffee controls many of the following mental health issues;

1. Alzheimer’s disease
2. Parkinson’s disease
3. Dementia
4. Hypertension
5. Anxiety disorders

· Before, scientists associated coffee with risk factor of Uterus, or liver cancer. But fortunately in 2016, WHO removed coffee from the list of carcinogenic foods. Instead in this report, WHO declared coffee as a potential inhibitor of Uterus, or hepatic cancer.

About one in every four deaths in Europe occurs due to cardiovascular diseases. About 25-30 percent of global deaths occur due to mental health issues. These include medical problems such as dementia. The researchers proved coffee as the limiting factor of all these diseases. In conclusion, it will not be wrong to say that coffee increases a person’s lifespan too.

Coffee Improves Your Memory

Memory is the feature distinguishing humans from animals, and other species. Every person has a wish to improve his/her memory. We all wish to learn through minimum efforts. So if you’re also curious to know about a memory booster drink, start drinking coffee. It will act as a memory enhancer for you.

How will coffee act as a memory booster?

After drinking coffee, caffeine will reach our brain through the bloodstream. In the brain, caffeine binds with adenosine (an inhibitory neurotransmitter). In the absence of adenosine, other neuro-activators (norepinephrine, or dopamine) also increase. Due to increased excretion of neuro-activators, the number of firing neurons also increases. Hence coffee, with the help of caffeine, acts as a memory booster.

Coffee And Weight Loss

If you’re obese and want to lose weight, then coffee without milk is the best option for you. Caffeine from coffee is an essential component in almost every fat burning supplement.

Caffeine can help people in reducing fats. It does this through the increase of metabolic rate by 3-10%. A faster metabolic rate will decrease the deposition of fats in abdomen or other regions. Hence it will help you in reducing body weight. But in long term coffee users, the fat-burning properties of coffee may get switched off.

Essential Nutrients In Coffee

The nutrients based contents in a cup of coffee are as follows;

Total nutrient content per serving of coffee (8 ounces)


Amount per cup


0.3 gm


94.8 mg


4.7 mg


7 mg


1 mg


160 mg


0.5 mg


0.2 mg


236 g

 Coffee Myths Versus Facts

1. ‘Caffeine in coffee is addictive’. This is a widespread myth. This statement is a myth as well as fact. According to the dissertation writing service firm, But it is true that regular use of coffee causes little dependence of physical functions on it. In contrast, it cannot cause physical health issues either.

2. Taking coffee after 8 pm will cause insomnia. This myth is also a fact. Coffee aims to relax your body. If you take coffee at 8 pm and are ready to sleep at 9 am, you will feel hypersomnia. But after 2 to 3 hours of having a coffee, you will feel active and may suffer from insomnia. It depends on the way you use it.

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