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A List For Coffee Lovers On Health Benefits Associated With Coffee

A coffee lover never stops to think about the pros and cons before drinking it. The pros and cons of coffee have been a matter of debate for centuries. But our relationship with coffee is as old as one can expect. About 34% of general population started taking coffee before turning 17. Likewise, almost 70% of general population started taking it after the age of 25 years. Also, people between ages 18-29 consume two, or more cups on average than people of any other age group. Among many reasons, it includes the burden of studies that need continuous activeness. This is the most prominent reason for its popularity among students. Interesting Statistics About Coffee 1. About 64% of Americans can’t start their day without having coffee . 2. On average, an American takes 3.1 cups of coffee each day. 3. As a whole, the US nation drinks 400 million cups of coffee each day. 4. The coffee drinking trend is more popular among people with high sources of income. 5. This t